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Refereed Journal Publications

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Refereed Conference Proceedings 

  1. M. Mallick, S. Rubin and J. A. Laval. N-body Filtering for Road Tracking using a Car Following Model. In Proceedings: 14th International Conference on Information Fusion. Chicago, July 2011.

  2. Laval, J. A. Hysteresis in the fundamental diagram: impact of measurement methods. In Proceedings: International Workshop on Traffic data Collection & its Standardization. Barcelona, Spain, September 2008.

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  8. A Laval. A proposal on flow-delay curves. In IX Latin Am. Tr. Eng. Cong. Santiago, Chile, 1999

My Dissertation

J A Laval, Hybrid Models of Traffic Flow: Impacts of Bounded Vehicle Accelerations. UC Berkeley, 2004. Preprint / HTML