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Slideshow imageHere you will find information and resources on vehicular traffic simulation models. Most of the models included in this website are based on the kinematic wave model (also known as the LWR model), which is the simplest model able to capture basic traffic dynamics features such as the propagation of congestion in the form of "waves".

The models present in this website extend the kinematic wave model by treating each lane separately and by modeling vehicle's bounded accelerations as moving bottlenecks. It has been found that when lane-changing vehicles or slow trucks are modeled in such a way, several puzzling traffic phenomena can be explained.

These are the simplest models (only 5 parameters!) able to predict traffic dynamics on congested freeway segments. For example, these models explain the relationship between lane-changing rates and capacity drop; see an animation for an explanation.

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Online Simulations

To run the online simulations you will need Java runtime environment (JRE) version 1.6 or later. You can change the parameters of the model while the simulation is running. Try it !

City Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD) applet See how the MFD on a Manhattan-grid network changes with signal timing, # of parks, etc...

Freeway ramp-metering applet Change metering rate, freeway demand, length of merging section, etc...

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Two-lane Rural Roads applet This is the most common type of roadway, where there is one lane per direction and overtaking is constrained by the flow in the opposing direction...

Ring Roads applet This Cellular Automata simulation modifies Kai Bolay's applet by incorporating Daganzo's CA model and the ability of introducing moving bottlenecks.

Capacity charts

Two-lane rural roads compute capacity, total time spent following and average speed as a function of the flow in both directions and the speed of trucks...

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