Dr. Laval's students

Current Students

Ph.D (Started: January, 2008)
May, 2015
freeway ramp metering, travel time estimation and forecast
Rama  earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and M.S in Civil Engineering (Transportation emphasis) from University of Utah. After obtaining his masters degree, he worked as a consulting traffic...
PhD (Started: August, 2010)
May, 2014
Bogota, Colombia
Macroscopic modeling of the effects of transit systems on large urban areas
Felipe was born in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida as a teenager. He studied at the College of the Holy Cross where he received a B.A. in Economics, and at Columbia University where he received a B.S. in Civil Engineering....
PhD (Started: August, 2012)
May, 2016
Seoul, South Korea
Macroscopic Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Congestion Pricing
  Hyun Woong Cho is from Seoul, South Korea. He is a first-year Ph.D. student. He earned a B.S.(2010) and a M.S.(2012) in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Seoul National University. He likes travel and walking around new places. 
PhD (Started: August, 2011)
May, 2014
Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram, traffic flow theory
  Yi Zhou is currently in the dual degree master program  (CEE and City and Regional Planning) working on  the estimation of the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram for urban networks,  and will soon begin her PhD work with Dr. Laval...

Past Students

PhD (Started: August, 2007)
May, 2012
Chaozhou, China
Traffic flow theory and simulation, understanding stop-and-go traffic
Danjue Chen currently holds a postdoc position at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Her research focuses on traffic flow theory and simulations, and her dissertation is about traffic oscillations.  She is from Chaozhou, a small city in...
PhD (Started: August, 2009)
August, 2014
Canal Winchester, Ohio
modeling of freeway weaving sections on HOT lanes
Chris earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and is a second year PhD student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research interests include traffic flow theory and driver behavior models. In his spare time...
MSc (Started: August, 2011)
May, 2013
Bogota, Colombia
How HOV to HOT conversions impact vehicle lane changing
Santiago Araque is a first year Master student with a focus on traffic flow theory. He was born in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to Augusta, Georgia as a teenager. He did his undergrad at Georgia Tech where he studied Civil Engineering. He loves to...